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Neil Blevins

Technical Director

Raised on a healthy dose of sci-fi and fantasy films, books, and video games, Neil Blevins started off painting and drawing traditionally, and then got into 3d graphics while he still lived in his hometown of Pointe Claire, in Quebec, Canada. After getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Art at Concordia University, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked at Blur Studio for three years, creating graphics for video game cinematics, commercials, TV, ride and feature films. He was also a senior tester for the Brazil Rendering system. He now lives in San Francisco working as a Technical Director for Pixar Animation Studios, primarily creating Environments and FX, and has worked on films such as The Incredibles, Cars, Wall-E and Up. In his spare time, he makes sci-fi 3d/2d hybrid artwork depicting creatures, robots and alien landscapes, and he writes art related lessons and tutorials to, as he puts it, "give back to the community that's been so gracious at helping me get to where I am today."

  • "Neil is a rock star and is always raising the bar for us. He can paint, he can use procedurals, he can use both at the same time. Neil just has this amazing ability to consistently create the best looking assets using whatever techniques are necessary to get the job done."

    - Chris Burrows
    Sets Shading Supervisor, Pixar Animation Studios