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CREATIVITY: Story & Character Development

CREATIVITY: Story & Character Development


What exactly is Creativity? Where do people get creative ideas from, and how do they develop them? What’s more: How do you manage to stay creative once you have an idea? On the other hand, what happens when you lose creative inspiration completely or it simply refuses to show up?


Iain McCaig believes that one of the best ways to talk about creativity is to actually be creative. His two-volume workshop series for The Gnomon Workshop documents the entire process of his journey from an initial story that he creates from scratch. Beginning the video tutorial with absolutely nothing prepared beforehand, you are sure to experience his complete process, from start to finish. The result of this workshop is an original last-man-on-Earth Frankenstein love story that Iain has named “PYG.”


This first volume focuses on the creation of his Story through a series of storybeat sketches and keyframes. Iain’s workshop then details the concept design process for his two lead characters in the story: Pyg himself, along with his long-lost wife.


Whether you’re a beginner or advanced traditional or digital artist, you’ll benefit from this insightful “peek behind the curtains” at one of the industry’s most beloved storytellers. So, sit back, grab your pencils — or your graphic tablet — and enjoy a thorough look into Iain McCaig’s creative process. By completing this workshop, you will have learned how to develop your own ideas into stories you can feel proud of.


In the second volume, you will learn about Iain’s approach to Creature and World Design.


Nudity Warning: This workshop includes artwork that contains nudity.