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Learn more about our latest video tutorials added to The Gnomon Workshop library here and discover the artists who created them. All of these workshops are ready for you to watch immediately!

  Jan 26, 2023

Creating Keyframe Concepts for Film & Animation

Discover efficient approaches to creating keyframe concept art for movies and animated films using a variety of software and best practices....

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  Jan 13, 2023

Creating Fantasy Illustrations With Procreate

In this Procreate workshop, students will be guided through all they need to create a unique, compelling character on the iPad, taught by Illustrator and Character Designer Rafael Sarmento....

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  Jan 03, 2023

Introduction to ZBrush 2022

Learning ZBrush at your own pace has never been easier. This detailed guide...

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  Dec 15, 2022

Professional Character Design For Film

Designing characters and creatures for film and TV can involve many processes. Ehsan...

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  Dec 08, 2022

Creating a Realistic Humanoid 3D Character With Babak Bina

Character Creation Workflow Using ZBrush, Maya, Mari & V-Ray This 3.5-hour workshop shares...

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  Dec 01, 2022

Sculpting Miniatures for Boardgames Using ZBrush With Francesco Orru

Learn how to translate a 2D concept into a 3D miniature using ZBrush and KeyShot in this 4-hour workshop by Digital Sculptor Francesco Orru....

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  Nov 17, 2022

Designing Unique Vehicle Concepts for Production

A key to being a successful concept artist is the ability to express a believable and unique design clearly. Explore the various ways you can think about vehicle designs to ensure arriving at a distinctive and creative end product....

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  Nov 10, 2022

Sculpting with ZModeler

Learn how to use ZBrush’s ZModeler as efficiently as possible in this new workshop by Daniel Zeni. During 6 years of experience working in film, games, and consumer products, using ZBrush to bring characters to life, Daniel found that ZModeler revolutionized his workflow....

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  Nov 03, 2022

Elephant Anatomy Vol. 1 & 2 With Terryl Whitlatch

This comprehensive workshop series by industry veteran Terryl Whitlatch focuses on the anatomy and paleontology of real elephants and their prehistoric relatives....

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  Oct 27, 2022

Sculpting the Human Skull

Learn how to sculpt a realistic human skull with this comprehensive workshop by Principal Character Artist John William Crossland....

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  Oct 20, 2022

Creating Creature Fur Using XGen & Arnold

Discover how to create creature fur from scratch in Maya using XGen and Arnold with Creature FX Artist Bruno Tornisielo. This 2.5-hour workshop details Bruno’s process for crafting believable hair and fur, starting with a simple sphere to demonstrate XGen's fundamental tools and principles....

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  Oct 13, 2022

Designing a Military Aircraft

Learn how to create a believable 3D aircraft concept from initial sketch to final render using Photoshop, Blender, and 3D-Coat. Nikolai Razuev, a Senior Concept Artist at DNEG....

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