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Interview with Madeleine Scott-Spencer

Digital sculptor, creature designer, instructor, and all around monster pro, Madeleine Scott-Spencer has produced acclaimed work in visual effects, collectible designs, and in digital maquettes for concept design. In this interview, Madeleine Scott-Spencer dives into her experience working on high-budget films, while also revealing how she garnered such extensive mastery over digital and traditional sculpting. She reveals the influence human anatomy can have on creature design and what she foresees impacting digital art in the future.


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Interview with Ben Erdt

Ben Erdt is an accomplished artist, talented across a variety of capacities. To name a few, he has mastered skillsets in concept art, digital sculpting, character and creature art, and modeling. In this interview, Ben Erdt divulges his experience working on beloved games such as Horizon Zero Dawn while also showing how he brings his final renders together. He discusses what key elements he used when level designing for legacy games such as Quake and Doom and he pinpoints future changes that will impact 3D animation and visual effects.


Read the interview with Ben Erdt by Genese Davis

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Interview with Luca Nemolato

Luca Nemolato InterviewHear from concept artist Luca Nemolato about how his straightforward workflow and appetite to throw himself into new and varied challenges have helped him catapult his career in designing for film, tv and more, including tips for networking and standing out as a freelance artist and a bit about his contributions to the creature design on the Oscar-winning film, The Shape of Water.

Read the interview with Luca Nemolato by Courtney Trowbridge

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Interview with Bill Buckley

Interview with Bill BuckleyFormer Neversoft Entertainment and Infinity Ward animator Bill Buckley, now animation director of virtual reality firm First Contact Entertainment, reveals the lessons he has learned over the course of his varied career, the secrets of creating a great in-game animation – and why VR means pressing the reset button on the role of the games artist.


Read the interview with Bill Buckley by Jim Thacker

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Interview with Eric Keller

Multi-talented CG artist and author, Eric Keller, discusses his unique experience with CG in science, natural history and biology while also elaborating on specific experiences that led him to working in movies, such as 10 Cloverfield Lane and the Cloverfield Paradox. Keller also divulges what key shifts he foresees developing in the future of CG and what key objectives artists should focus on to prepare for those up-coming changes.

Read the interview with Eric Keller by Genese Davis

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Interview with Olivier Dubard

Olivier Dubard, environment artist, matte painter and concept designer, talks to us about his experiences working on films from Marvel’s Black Panther and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to Hotel Transylvania 3, and why it’s crucial for artists to develop an open, problem-solving mindset to efficiently collaborate in a production pipeline.

Read the interview with Olivier Dubard by Courtney Trowbridge