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Mechanical Character Design with Joe Peterson


The Gnomon Workshop proudly welcomes senior concept artist Joe Peterson to our ever growing tutorial library. In his debut release Mechanical Character Design, Joe demonstrates the tools and techniques he uses daily in production to design the amazing mechanical characters he is known for.

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Anatomy Workshop Vol.4 - Anatomy of the Human Head with Charles Hu


Anatomy Workshop Vol.4 “Anatomy of the Human Head” focuses on the human head. In this tutorial, Charles first discusses the structure of the human head, examining the various planes of the head. He then demonstrates these concepts in a series of three life drawing exercises. Lastly, he breaks down the muscular systems of the human head and discusses how the various muscle groups control the various expressions of the human face.

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Anatomy Workshop Vol. 5 - Structure and Anatomy of the Human Torso with Charles Hu


In Anatomy Workshop Vol.5 “Structure and Anatomy of the Human Torso” Charles discusses the skeletal and muscular systems of the human torso, starting with a brief overview of the skeletal structure. He then begins to discuss the various muscular systems of the human torso from both the front and back. Starting with the frontal muscles of the neck, Charles covers the chest, shoulders and abdominal muscle groups, before moving to the muscle groups on the back. In his discussions, Charles is sure to demonstrate the mechanical influence of each muscle group in terms of how it relates to human motion

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Congratulation to Aristomenis Tsirbas and all the Gnomon Students

The "UFO Over Santa Clarita" short  made it onto today!


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Congratulations to Scott Spencer and Wayne Barlowe

Working along side renowned fantasy artist Wayne BarloweScott Spencer was a creature and character designer on The Hobbit. Working to help develop everything from Dwarven style to monsterous creatures. The Hobbit represents 3 years of work from the folks at Weta Workshop.

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Rick Baker

Congratulations to Rick Baker for receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!