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Creating Complex Materials for Games in Substance Designer

Utilizing Parameters to Create Multiple Materials with Kat Tamburello


Learn how to create various materials for games using Substance Designer in this 3.5-hour workshop by Kat Tamburello, Senior Texture Artist at id Software. This beginner to intermediate level tutorial walks through the process for creating a complex material in Substance Designer that can be used to create multiple material variations.

This tutorial will provide the building blocks needed to effectively create any style of material in Substance Designer that upholds the technical standards required for games. Initially, Kat will begin by discussing how to gather proper references and preplan a material graph. She will then cover how to create the dirt and cobblestones that are the base of the material. Once the initial block-in has been completed, you'll learn about the importance of consistent metrics like establishing height scale, texel density, and consistent scale across a project.

After covering the foundation of material creation, you'll learn about creating individual assets, such as flowers, rocks, and sticks. With these assets created, you'll learn how to use the Shape Splatter node to scatter these assets across the ground.

To conclude the workshop, Kat will discuss parameters so that you can create many variations of materials with just this one project.

Duration: 3h 40m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Kat Tamburello

Senior Texture Artist at id Software

Kat Tamburello is a Gnomon School graduate who has been working professionally in the games industry for over 5 years. She is currently working at id Software as a Senior Texture Artist; prior to that, she worked as an environment artist on God of War Ragnarok. Kat enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and helping artists reach their artistic goals.

  • Kat is an incredibly talented artist that possesses a keen understanding of artistic fundamentals like scale and composition. She efficiently creates high-quality work using a versatile skill set that empowers her to succeed in many areas of the art pipeline. Kat's contributions to the team at id Software are undeniable, and she sets a great example for those around her.

    - Nicholas Clark
    Lead Texture artist at id Software

  • Kat is a genuine artist. In the time I have known her, she has demonstrated a high skill level beyond her discipline. More importantly, she has had an active push to share her knowledge and inform those around her. I have had the good fortune to witness the effect of her focus and positivity on the project by way of how she works with the team. It is clear she actively wants to elevate and learn from those around her. Ultimately she brings both a unique perspective and focused edge to tasks, which is also true for this workshop.

    - Colin Geller
    Senior Concept Artist at id Software

  • Having worked for some of the best games studios in the world, Kat is the first person I would approach to learn about Substance Designer workflows. In taking this course, you will be learning from the best the industry has to offer.

    - Blair Mackay
    Senior 3D Generalist at Mold3D