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Environment Art Lookdev Using Unreal & Photogrammetry

with Brian Recktenwald

This workshop is for intermediate to advanced environment artists in the games industry that want to hone new skills in photogrammetry to assemble a look-dev environment using Unreal.
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Visual Development for Environments

with Olivier Dubard

Designing environments for film, games or animation requires an iterative, collaborative and flexible workflow. In this title, Olivier Dubard shares his Visual Development process as he takes an idea from early concept and initial sketches to final presentation using Sketchbook Pro, MOI 3D, Maya, V-Ray and Photoshop.
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Houdini Fast Track Vol 1: Fundamentals

with Robby Branham

In this title, the fundamental concepts of Houdini’s procedural environment is covered. Houdini’s nodes, parameters, groups and attributes are broadly discussed to give artists a deeper understanding on how Houdini creates and manipulates data...
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Introduction to ZBrush 4R8

with Madeleine Scott-Spencer

For over a decade, ZBrush has been the industry standard tool for digital sculpting. It is used for visual effects in blockbuster films, video game assets, toy production, fine art, and collectable sculpting as well as concept design. Introduction to ZBrush 4r8 with Madeleine Scott-Spencer provides the most comprehensive set of instructional videos ever created for ZBrush users
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BFA Degree in Digital Production

Gnomon’s New Four-Year Degree Program

The full-time BFA in Digital Production is designed to produce production-ready artists versed in general academic knowledge, foundational arts, and production skills. The curriculum is taught in Hollywood and covers all aspects of a 3D generalist skill set.
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Mastering Desktop 3D Printing for the 3D Artist

with Daniel Enrique De Leon

In this course you will learn the advanced art and essential engineering for the successful 3D Printing of your chosen 3D model on a prosumer-level, desktop 3D Printer of either the FDM or SLA kind. (e.g. MakerBot Replicator 2 or Formlabs Form 2).
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Texturing and Shading for Production

Maximizing Efficiency in Commercial / Feature Film Pipelines

This tutorial runs through an asset from initial planning to final workflow between texturing and look development using Maya, Mari and V-Ray.
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Creating First Person Shooter Animations for Games

with Bill Buckley

This tutorial is for animators that want to focus on creating first person animations to be used within a game project. Veteran game developer and Animation Director, Bill Buckley, showcases techniques and practices that he has used throughout his career on triple A FPS game titles.
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Study at Gnomon in Hollywood

Gnomon – School of Visual Effects, Games + Animation

Gnomon helps students reach their goals in digital production through a variety of educational options, including a full-time BFA degree, full-time vocational programs, and over 100 individual courses – all taught at the heart of the entertainment industry
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Creating Key Art Illustration for Film and Games

with Alex Nice

Alex Nice demonstrates his process of using 2D and 3D tools to compose an illustration of key artwork for film by creating a dynamic action scene from the ‘War of the Worlds’.
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Combat Animation for Games

with Jason Shum

This tutorial teaches how to create dynamic and exciting combat animations in a step-by-step method that is used by many professional animators. The core foundations of combat are covered such as strong posing, aggressive timing and appeal. Riot Games’ Senior Animator Jason Shum shares his process from the initial idea stage to final polish.
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Practical Vehicle Design for Film and Television

with Matthew Savage

In this workshop, Concept Artist Matthew Savage will take you through the process of transforming a commercially available vehicle by stripping it down to its chassis and designing a new sci-fi vehicle over the existing frame.
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Pre-Visualization for Film

with Jason Michael Hall

In this title, Jason Michael Hall will show you the power of pre-viz and how much a single artist can achieve in a relatively short amount of time. The demonstration will also prepare you for what it will be like to work as a pre-viz artist in the film industry.
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Environment Creation for Film and Cinematics

with Olivier Dubard

In this workshop, environment artist Olivier Dubard goes through the process of building an environment from concept to finish, using a wide range of software including SketchBook Pro, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, Mari, V-Ray and Nuke. These chapters demonstrate what it takes to be a well rounded environment artist for film, as Olivier goes from an initial 2D sketch, to the step-by-step finalizing of a full shot.
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Creating Props for Games, Vol. 2

Texturing and Shading for Production

By simplifying the process and stacking simple-to-apply concepts, artists can create intricate textures for any type of asset. Continuing what was started in Creating Props for Games Vol. 1, Senior Environment Artist Nick Reynolds will stay non-destructive and open to iteration by utilizing the power of Allegorithmic Substance Painter.
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Creature Modeling for Production

with Ben Erdt

In this tutorial, Ben shares his workflow for creating a sci-fi creature/character from a 2D sketch to the final production model ready for rigging and animation. He starts by analyzing the 2D sketch to get to know the character and breaks the design down into its basic parts.
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  • Gnomon has created a series of tutorials that will appeal to anyone interested in a career path in visual arts. The availability of these lessons represents a significant opportunity for artists everywhere to elevate their skillsets to the next level.

    Jim McCampbellDepartment Head, Computer Animation Ringling School of Art & Design
  • Gnomon tutorials are a staple in our libraries at Disney Feature Animation. Artist training is very important at Disney, and has been since the days of Walt. We rely on the tutorials to supplement our classes and to provide a more personalized schedule for the production artist seeking to broaden their skill sets.

    Patricia BeckmannManager of Artistic & Professional Dev, Disney Feature Animation
  • I'd like thank you guys for all the hard work you've done over the years. I didn't have money for college so I spent what money I could come up with on your video series. Because of your excellent training tutorials, I was able to create a reel that got me a job where I am today and I am eternally thankful.

    Matt SkonickiCinematics Character Artist, Midway Games
  • Their professors – and founders – are people who truly inspire. They don't just teach the 'how to' – they give you context, understanding and expectations of 'how to on the job'. Theirs is a practical approach to actually working in film, video and gaming. It's that amazing ideal, where art and making a living peacefully co-exist. You can certainly become a successful working artist without Gnomon, but with their pedigree, placement stats, culture and track record, why take that chance?

    JJ AbramsCEO, Bad Robot Productions, Director Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek, Super 8
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