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Derrick Sesson

3D Generalist & Modeling Specialist

Derrick Sesson is a skilled 3D Generalist & Modeling Specialist primarily working in Maya, though he’s proficient in a variety of software used in digital production. Derrick has worked as a Lead Modeler and Character Supervisor and has an in-depth understanding of studio pipelines. He has over a decade of studio experience working in VFX on blockbuster titles including Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, and Beauty and the Beast.

  • Derrick is one of the most positive, driven, and motivated people I’ve ever worked with. With his both, technical and artistic skills on top of a lovable persona, he keeps inspiring and motivating his surroundings. Derrick’s work is always clean, efficient, and spot-on.

    - Raffael Frank
    Facial Modeling Lead at Digital Domain

  • Derrick has been an amazing colleague, and he then became an amazing supervisor. He is an extremely dedicated individual who cares just as much about honing his craft and sharing his knowledge with his peers. He knows extensively about many disciplines and is always eager to learn more. One of the most dedicated character artists I've had the opportunity to work with!

    - Valentin Erbuke
    Character Artist at Insomniac Games

  • I worked with Derrick on several projects and was always impressed by his dedication and love for the craft. He is fun to work with and takes the time to share his knowledge. It’s always a great relief to have such a well-versed person ready to help at any time. I look forward to working with him in the future.

    - Yarin Manes
    VFX Supervisor at The Mill