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Kurtis Dawe

Character Artist & Modeler at Scanline VFX Vancouver

Kurtis Dawe works as a creature and character designer for feature films. He has been working in the industry for a decade and is currently employed as a Senior Character Modeler/Artist at Scanline VFX Vancouver. Prior to this role, Kurtis worked at MPC London where he was responsible for working on the sculpt for Pumbaa for Lion King (2019), among many other accomplishments. He worked alongside two artists to create Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo for Tim Burton’s Dumbo and created two of the titans for Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Throughout his career, Kurtis has also worked at EA Vancouver, Double Negative, Method Studios, and Zoic Studios, in Creature/Character Modeler and Generalist roles. He has created a vast array of characters and creatures for the entertainment industry over the years and is always working on personal projects to develop his sculpting skills.