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Carlo Sansonetti

Rigging / TD / Pipeline

An Italian native, Carlo Sansonetti studied Photography at the American University in Rome. Following his dream, he decided to move to the U.S. to study and work as a CG artist. In the past eight years Carlo has worked on several projects as a rigger including Scary Movie 3 and on the National Geographic documentary Fight Science. More recently he completed work as a rigger on the next generation game title Ratatouille for Heavy Iron Studios. In his spare time, Carlo taught at Gnomon School of Visual Effects and created the award-winning animated short film The Auction. Carlo is currently working at Lucasfilm Animation on the CG animated series The Clone Wars.

  • "Carlo is the master at reating robust character rigs that have feature film quality on a video game budget…he knows the rigs, he knows animation, and he never stops impressing us with his ability to blend this knowledge into amazing results. Frankly, our job would be impossible without Carlo. He is a marvel!"

    - Marty Davis
    Animation Director Heavy Iron Studios