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Fantasy Sculpting

The Dragon of Argos


The comic book and fantasy statue industry has exploded in the last decade. In this title, acclaimed sculptors Jarrod and Brandon Shiflett show you how they create a sculpture for the industry using Super Sculpey®. Whether the final product will be bronze, cold cast porcelain pre-painted statue, or resin kit, their sculpting process is the same. The brothers walk you through every step of that process, including armature construction, composition, anatomy, and detailing. They also discuss tools, materials, and the properties of polymer clays. In the candid back and forth between the two, they explain not only how they do what they do, but why.

Duration: 2h 37m

Format: HD 1280x720

Shiflett Brothers


The Shiflett Brothers, Brandon and Jarrod, have been sculpting in the gaming and statue industry for almost 15 years. From their representations of iconic Marvel Comics characters for Bowen Designs to their more recent original concept sculptures, the brothers have been in love with what they do. They have sculpted statue projects for Moore Creations, ToyBiz, and Dynamic Forces, among many others. Brandon and Jarrod are very excited to be sitting on the Jury for Spectrum 18: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.

  • "The Shiflett Brothers are producing some of this hobbie's most incredible collectibles. The artistry of their work is only surpassed by the unique and energetic style in which they sculpt each of their figures and this gives their work a completely spontaneous and fresh aesthetic. I am very pleased to have some of their exceptional work in my collection."

    - Richard Taylor
    Effects Designer & Supervisor, The Weta Companies

  • "The Shiflett Brothers are to sculpting what Frank Frazetta is to painting."

    - John Howe
    Concept Designer, The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy

  • "The talent of the Shiflett Brothers is the strongest of any sculptors in the industry today. I am consistently amazed by the raw power of their work."

    - Alex Ross
    (Painter of Pretty Pictures) Marvels, Kingdom Come, Earth X

  • "The first time I saw the art of the Shiflett Brothers, I knew I was looking at the work of a couple true masters of the craft. Their incredible imagination, coupled with their scholarly knowledge of anatomy and sense of design makes them among the most respected and respectable artists in their field; I stand in awe of their extraordinary creations."

    - Jordu Schell
    Lead Characters Designer, James Cameron's Avatar