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3D Matte Painting and Camera Mapping

Matte Painting for Film with Chris Stoski



In this second lecture in a series, Chris Stoski illustrates the creation of several 3D matte paintings. In the visual effects industry, directors are always asking for moving cameras in matte paintings and Chris shows how this is achieved. He creates two different environments and discusses how a matte painter creates camera movement in these key scenarios. In addition to Adobe Photoshop®, Chris uses Autodesk 3ds Max, but the techniques can be implemented with other popular 3D software as well. From forward-moving dolly shots to lateral helicopter aerials, Chris covers the essentials of 3D and 2.5D matte painting for matte artists of all skill levels.

Duration: 150 minutes

Format: SD 1024x768

Chris Stoski

Art Director / Concept Designer

Chris Stoski is one of the leading matte painters and concept artists in the visual effects industry. His clients and employers include Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm, Matte World Digital, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, Touchstone Pictures and The Cartoon Network to name a few. Recently he authored a book entitled "d'artiste: Matte Painting" in conjunction with Dylan Cole and Alp Altiner, and published by Ballistic Publishing. His film credits include Star Wars Episode III, The Ring, The Last Samurai and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. He currently works for ILM as a Lead Digital Matte Artist.

  • "Chris Stoski is one of the leading matte painters in the industry, having authored many rich digital environments in recent films while at ILM and Matte World Digital. He has also been very supportive in contributing to the CG online community, and these tutorials will become a standard for learning the full range of techniques used on high-end matte work, from 2d painting to 3d set extension ."

    - Eric Hanson