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Creating Beatboards for Pre-Production
From Script to Storybeat in Photoshop With Rembert Montald

Rembert Montald

3h 46m | 16 Chapters

Introduction to Creature Design: Volume 2
Coloring Creature Concepts in Photoshop With Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown

4h 24m | 7 Chapters

Matching a Stylized Concept in ZBrush
From 2D Concept to 3D Character Using ZBrush & Photoshop With Daniel Zeni

Daniel Zeni

6h 02m | 11 Chapters

Creating Costume Concept Art for Film & TV
Concept Design Workflow for Photoshop With Gina DeDomenico

Gina DeDomenico

3h 35m | 6 Chapters

Digital Painting in Photoshop
Interface, Tools, Tips & Techniques With Dave Neale

Dave Neale

3h 45m | 11 Chapters

Introduction to Creature Design: Volume 1
Sketching Concepts for Film, TV & Games With Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown

3h 51m | 9 Chapters

Getting Started in Cinema 4D for Designers
Designing With 3D With Tomasz Opasinski

Tomasz Opasinski

4h 22m | 16 Chapters

Creating Procedural Environments in Gaea & Houdini
Icy Cliffs & Rocky Terrain With Rasha Shalaby

Rasha Shalaby

3h 27m | 11 Chapters

Introduction to ZBrush 2021
The Ultimate Guide To ZBrush With Madeleine Scott-Spencer

Madeleine Scott-Spencer

51h 00m | 66 Chapters

Understanding The Principles of Poster Design
With Tomasz Opasinski

Tomasz Opasinski

4h 44m | 17 Chapters

Facial Animation for Feature Animated Films
Animating Stylized Facial Expressions with Victor Navone

Victor Navone

3h 09m | 6 Chapters

Original Creature Concepts
Exploration to Presentation with Pablo Munoz Gomez

Pablo Munoz

2h 48m | 9 Chapters

Designing a Piloted Combat Mech
with Ara Kermanikian

Ara Kermanikian

10h 48m | 19 Chapters

How to make a Creature with Character
with Ian Joyner

Ian Joyner

3h 02m | 8 Chapters

Creating Translucent Creature Skin
Painting Techniques with Gino Acevedo

Gino Acevedo

1h 51m | 6 Chapters

The Art of Iconic Creature Design
Photobashing and ZBrush Workflows with Aaron Sims

Aaron Sims

2h 06m | 7 Chapters

Creating Keyframe Illustrations for Film
2D/3D Techniques & Workflow with Jama Jurabaev

Jama Jurabaev

2h 45m | 10 Chapters

Lighting the CG Portrait
Character Lighting in VRay Next with Chris Barischoff

Christopher Barischoff

3h 13m | 15 Chapters

Designing a Goddess of War
Step-by-Step Workflow with Andy Park

Andy Park

2h 52m | 8 Chapters

3D and 2D Techniques for 360 degree Panoramic Illustration
Re-Creating Great Moments in History with Nick Hiatt

Nick Hiatt

3h 20m | 15 Chapters

Cinematic Illustration for Film
Photoshop Techniques with Francesco Corvino

Francesco Corvino

2h 54m | 5 Chapters

Advanced Illustration and Key Art Techniques
2D Concept Illustration, 3D Asset Creation, 360 Illustration and Interactive Concept Design with VR with Alex Nice

Alex Nice

3h 17m | 8 Chapters

Hunting the Idea
Creative Concept Design with Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez

2h 13m | 13 Chapters

Environmental Storytelling
Composition and Shape Language with Eddie Bennun

Eddie Bennun

2h 46m | 10 Chapters

Creature Sculpting with Dominic Qwek
ZBrush, Keyshot and Photoshop Techniques

Dominic Qwek

2h 26m | 11 Chapters

Building a Stylized Environment, Volume 3
Ideation to Creation: Assembling the Scene in Unreal Engine

Martin Teichmann

4h 24m | 20 Chapters

Building a Stylized Environment, Volume 2
Ideation to Creation: Terrain, Rocks and Foliage

Martin Teichmann

2h 41m | 11 Chapters

Mech Design for the Entertainment Industry
with Furio Tedeschi

Furio Tedeschi

2h 44m | 10 Chapters

Sci-Fi Fantasy Design and Illustration
with Yohann Schepacz

Yohann Schepacz

4h 22m | 10 Chapters

Designing for Production in ZBrush
with Rafael Grassetti

Rafael Grassetti

2h 10m | 6 Chapters

Designing a Modular Environment using Unreal
with Brian Recktenwald

Brian Recktenwald

3h 00m | 10 Chapters

Creating an Illustration from A to Z
with Pascal Blanché

Pascal Blanché

3h 50m | 7 Chapters

Creating 360° Concept Art for Production
with Nick Hiatt

Nick Hiatt

5h 20m | 12 Chapters

2D Fantasy Illustration
with Jana Schirmer

Jana Schirmer

2h 27m | 5 Chapters

Narrative Character Design
Creating Heroes with Ryan Meinerding

Ryan Meinerding

2h 23m | 5 Chapters

Creating a Female Hairstyle for Production with Maya XGen
with Bruno Tornisielo

Bruno Tornisielo

3h 05m | 11 Chapters

Designing Sci-Fi Military Robotics
with Aaron Beck

Aaron Beck

3h 17m | 8 Chapters

Dynamic Animal Sculpting
with Krystal Sae Eua

Krystal Sae Eua

4h 40m | 14 Chapters

Character Design and Sculpting for Concept
with Josh Herman

Josh Herman

3h 20m | 11 Chapters

Creative Creature Design
with Neville Page

Neville Page

3h 20m | 6 Chapters

Narrative Design through Compositional Storytelling
with James Clyne

James Clyne

3h 06m | 10 Chapters

Environment Design and Illustration
with Aaron Limonick

Aaron Limonick

4h 41m | 12 Chapters

Robotic 3D Design for Entertainment
with Vitaly Bulgarov

Vitaly Bulgarov

3h 30m | 15 Chapters

Introduction to Visual Effects for Games in Unreal
with Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith

9h 22m | 21 Chapters

Environment Art Lookdev Using Unreal & Photogrammetry
with Brian Recktenwald

Brian Recktenwald

2h 19m | 12 Chapters

Visual Development for Environments
with Olivier Dubard

Olivier Dubard

7h 32m | 13 Chapters

Texturing and Shading for Production
Maximizing Efficiency in Commercial / Feature Film Pipelines

Jesse Flores

7h 55m | 12 Chapters

Creating Key Art Illustration for Film and Games
with Alex Nice

Alex Nice

2h 05m | 5 Chapters

Practical Vehicle Design for Film and Television
with Matthew Savage

Matthew Savage

3h 40m | 8 Chapters

Environment Creation for Film and Cinematics
with Olivier Dubard

Olivier Dubard

1h 51m | 10 Chapters